September 4, 2011

Well, here we are.

Well, here I am anyway. I haven't decided yet whether I will share this with anyone or just keep er' to myself.

I already have a blog, sort of. It's really just pictures of my oldest kid and I haven't updated it in about 11 months. Hold judgment. I was pregnant for 9 of those months, during which, I quit my job, we rented out our house and moved 250 miles south, and we've been living with my parents since the end of April. Did I mention it was a complicated, "high-risk" pregnancy? So, nothing new to report, see?

In any event, I just had a baby, Little E. He and his sister (I think she calls herself Potato Dog these days) are awesome and do many entertaining and often awe-inspiring things and I felt it should all be documented. I keep losing the journals that I buy for said documentation and when I find them, they are covered in crayon and other substances.

The main thing is that I want to remember all the hilarious and endearing things that Potato Dog (PD for short) and Little E do.

Just this morning, as I was changing the baby, PD was rifling through the diaper bag. I turned to get a finger full of diaper cream and faster than you could say, "SONOFABITCH that was fast!!", PD had the Mylicon dropper in Little E's mouth, dispensing the gas relief that she felt he needed.

I think I'll want to remember that sort of thing. If for no other reason than to remember to lock up the meds.

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