September 10, 2011

If you begin your day with the smell of coffee, count your blessings.

It’s a cliché as old as motherhood. If it’s too quiet, something rotten is happening with your kids. But, as all moms know, sometimes it is tempting to use that brief window of time to throw in a load of laundry, wash some bottles, pay a few bills, or maybe just pop some more of your root canal medicine and text message your best friend while squeezing in a quick round of Word Feud.

In any event, ignoring the silence means you’ll live to regret it.

I know I was filled with regret when PD came into my room and shoved a finger full of feces in my face (say that three times fast). Luckily, she had the foresight to wrap a flushable toddler wipe around the damage. So proud of my little shit smelling genius.

She’s still learning the finer points of wiping. That coupled with her proclivity for secret ninja dumps means we have had a few incidents.

Fortunately the carpet in her room is indoor/outdoor.

1 comment:

  1. Just wait until Little E discovers, as all little boys do, how to take off his diaper & finger paint with the contents!