September 8, 2011

My baby loves me and I am digging it.

Little E loves me. Like seriously adores me and lights up like a Parliament when I walk in the room. Cooing, smiling, the whole shebang.

You're probably thinking, "BFD, Jessi. You're his mom and he feeds off your sad, deflated milk bags. All babies love their moms."

And that is where you are wrong, slick.

Potato Dog was not a fan at all. She and I are buds now, but for years it was like she only let me in her mean little baby sorority because I was a legacy. I cried real tears about it, ya'll.

There is really no point to this, other than the fact that I enjoy discussing it, and it irks my mom that she isn't his favorite. PD is pretty into my mom.

This little man is mine, all mine.
And here is a picture I took, whilst lighting up his life.


  1. He's adorable! I remember your rants about Ains. Little girls can be like that I think. Addy loves me, but she ADORES her daddy. It's no contest. Little E is melting me- he's so sweet.

  2. he is so sweet! my oldest is totally smitten over my mom & will still beg for her over me. my youngest? total momma's girl and i eat up every second. in her face!

  3. I am thrilled that Ev is over the moon about you, doll. If I was Ev's "Live Toy" I would probably be in assisted living by next year!LOL;)