September 11, 2011

Little E's first bath

On this, the fifth week anniversary of Little E's birth, he had his first bath. It's tradition in our family to wait until the child is 35 days old to bathe them. Or it's because his cord stump didn't fall off until he was 30 days old and I've been busy since then, take your pick.

He started off very chill and zen about the whole thing.
PD wanted in on the action and stepped in for the assist, much to E's chagrin.

"I will not stand for this, do you hear me??"
And then it was over, and all was set right.
How is it possible for someone to be this freaking cute??? I cannot stand the sight of him he is so cute!! I'll try to pull myself together, but come on!
Look at this kid. Once he gets rid of that cradle cap and regrows his leetle hairsies, he's gonna take over the world.