December 9, 2011

Just when you think you know your kids...

We had el cheapo pictures taken tonight of the children in their Christmas regalia. I fully expected this to be an ass whip of epic proportions.

Winky, the narc elf, must have a real hold over them, as the teenage girl taking the pictures was able to capture these images.

And my personal favorite...

December 5, 2011

Crisis Mode

So, clearly I haven't been a swell blogger of late. One or both kids has been sick for over three weeks. I'm going to lose it soon.

PD is exactly three and a half today.
It was one year ago today that we found out about Little E.

Sappy: Seeing them together melts my heart. For now, it's a mutual adoration society.

Hard Truth: At least four times a day I consider giving them to the first person I see outside so that I could take a nap.