February 8, 2012

Little E is 6 months old

How this happened, I can't tell you.

Gigantor weighs 20lbs 3oz and is 27 1/2". His head is epic.

Just to review, he was 5lbs 11oz when we toted him home.
This little man owns me.

January 21, 2012

You'd think being unemployed and all would afford ample time to blog.

The only big news is the new addition to our family.

Not that kind of addition, as is clearly illustrated by the lack of blood and tears in this post.

PD went to a gun show today with her father and grandfather and came home with a small, soft shelled turtle named Snake.

When the hell people started hawking turtles at gun shows, I can't tell you. While the turtle is cute, he'll likely outlive me and evidently carries a risk of Salmonella. I have washed my child's hands five times in the last two hours.

Feast your eyes on Snake, the disease riddled flavor of the month.