October 18, 2011

Look, it's cute and funny so get over it.

I've seen other people do it and like the results, so this evening I made my husband gut a pumpkin and then I made my kid sit in it while I documented the experience. Little E had a screaming day, so I figure he owes me.

These are the stages of pumpkin entrapment from grief to acceptance.

Stage One:
This is BULLSHIT!!! You cannot do this to me! I have rights!!

Stage Two:  Wait. Wait just a minute. I think I may be able to EAT this S.O.B.

Stage Three:
Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Stage Four:
I am sated. Remove me from this autumnal fruit.

In the true style of my youngest child, he took what could have been a real crap day and ate it.


  1. LOVE it! Henry has the same fate ahead of him this week. Or at least a pumpkin hat like we made for Timmy. lolololol

  2. You are hysterical. The commentary is perfect, and the kid aint half bad either!

  3. Love this! I'll have to keep this in mind when I have kiddos! <3 you!